Teh Dooom Kitten

Codename: EEK WAGON

Portland, Oregon, United States
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El Rodeo Elementary School - Beverly Hills CA (1987 - 1990)
Chrysalis Children's School - McMinnville OR (1990 - 1992)
Duniway Middle School - McMinnville OR (1992 - 1994)
McMinnville High School - McMinnville OR (1994 - 1998)
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abandoned britain, alan cumming, alan rickman, alcohol, anthropodermic bibliopegy, architecture, art, b-movies, bagpuss, beer, bob the rat, boots, boys in eyeliner, bubbles, cats, cemetaries, cheese fries, cheesecake, cheesy poof, chinchillas, chococat, chuck palahniuk, coffee, comics, corsets, crap-shooting monkeys, dancing, dead can dance, diet coke, digital photography, dresden dolls, eddie izzard, england, evil kitty loaf, eyeliner, fake hair, family guy, foamy, futurama, gargoyles, gay pride popsicles, geeks, gerard butler, get fuzzy, gir, glowy pig, grrretel, guinness, guy ritchie, hair dye, hair extentions, handbags, harry potter, hdr, hdr photography, hdri, henry rollins, him,, horror, hypoglycemia, i feel sick, interior design, invader zim, ireland, jaffa cakes, jammie dodgers, jeff buckley, jhonen vasquez, john malkovich, kevin smith, kitties, kitty loaf, kurt vonnegut, lawrence welk, lenore, living dead dolls, mac, mac cosmetics, makeup, making funny noises, mark ryden, mary roach, massive attack, mia tyler, michael rosenbaum, misfits, monkees, monkeys, muppets, nail polish, nyago, oh piola, old buildings, old movie posters, painting, pbr, pepe the prawn, peter jackson, photography, pie, piercings, pint-o-kitty, poetry, portland, project runway, q.o.t.s.a, rammstein, reading, redecorating, refinishing furniture, rockstar supernova, rollergirls, roman dirge, rupert thompson, sanrio picture stickers, serial killers, setting things on fire, sex, sherbet lemons, shoes, simon pegg, smokey treats, squee, statues, strongbad, sunglasses, tattoos, tea, that guys tauntaun, the mighty gherkin, the sandler-ashford minkey army, the tribe, till lindemann, tim burton, tiramisu, toast, torrid, travel, trogdor, twinkies, vampire gorillas, vast, velvet goldmine, view askew, vincent d'onofrio, vodka, weebl & bob, wreaking havock, writing

*New journal of the girl previously known as ubervitch*

This journal is friends only...usually...

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About Me:

I felt a need for a change....

So here I am...

So fresh and so clean...clean...

Take what you will away from this reguarding who I am...

I'm sure your perceptions will change in time...

And just think...if you ACTUALLY knew might even like me...


Adendum: I asked a friend of mine how she would describe me if she had to...she said...

"tall, continually changing hair, cute, friendly, funny, scares easily, nomadic, SMRT, creative, artistic...."

She then added...

"that kind of thing"

So...if you knew might say that too...or something...

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I adopted a cute lil' tempura fetus
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